Beng Beng Revolution

By: Lu Huiyi
Publisher: Epigram Books

Finalist for the 2018 Epigram Books Fiction Prize

Beng Hock and his brother, Beng Huat (who prefers to go by Archibald), find themselves navigating a tumultuous Singapore in the near future that has run out of oil and gas. Running afoul of the growing gangs could mean slavery or death, jobs are scarce and food scarcer, and home is a crumbling shanty-town behind the City Hall Steam-Engine Station.

And as if these changes aren’t drastic enough, a great power awakens inside Beng Hock, and he must learn how to control it before it destroys everyone and everything in his way.

About the Author
Lu Huiyi holds a degree in English Literature from the National University of Singapore, and is currently pursuing a post-graduate course at Singapore Management University. Beng Beng Revolution is her first novel.

ISBN: 9789814845168
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 218
Year Published: 2019
Language: English

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