Twin Cities

Publisher: Landmark Books

The twin cinema, created by Singapore poet Yeow Kai Chai, is a rigid, yet spectacular poetic form that mixes constraint with possibility. Its twin columns can be read vertically down as discrete poems, yet you can also hop across the space between skyscrapers and find meaning that bridges the gap horizontally for each line. The twin cinema can be used to contrast two opposed points of view, or find a common bridge stretching across a seemingly insurmountable gap – the art of juxtaposition, after all, is at the heart of modern cinema.

In this anthology, poets from the twin cities of Singapore and Hong Kong tackle the challenge of the twin cinema form in tandem with their own interpretation of lines that bind or divide us. We share a familiar postcolonial history, rich financial centres and trading ports bustling with energy, in the shadow of a hinterland yawning across the water. Yet we also rival each other ceaselessly, and are cleaved by language, geography, and politics. This is fertile ground for a poetry of proposition or opposition – and may it grow cities.

"This is an anthology of poems written in the form of "twin cinema" (two facing columns), so each poem is essentially a three-in-one. The poems startle, delight, and disturb, and show that there's much more reciprocity than rivalry between Singapore and Hong Kong."
—Gui Weihsin, literary scholar, in "My Book of the Year 2019", Singapore Unbound

ISBN: 9789814189811
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 88
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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