Bagiku Sepilah Sudah

Publisher: Pustaka Nasional
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"... Sajak Mohamed Latiff Mohamed merupakan proses pencarian hakikat kebenaran mengenai manusia, lingkungan dan Tuhannya dan kerana itu, meskipun tidak semua sajaknya secara langsung merupa pertanyaan, pada hakikatnya semua sajak Mohamed Latiff Mohamed adalah rangkaian pertanyaan ..." — Dr Budi Darma

"Mohamed Latiff Mohamed's poems represent a process to find the truth about human nature, his environment and his God, and as a result, eventhough not all of his poems are in the form of questions, in essence all his poems are a series of questions." — Dr Budi Darma

ISBN: 9789971778323
Page Count: 65
Year Published: 2003
Language: Malay

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