Lectures, Problems and Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations (Second Edition)


This unique book on ordinary differential equations addresses practical issues of composing and solving differential equations by demonstrating the detailed solutions of more than 1,000 examples. The initial draft was used to teach more than 10,000 advanced undergraduate students in engineering, physics, economics, as well as applied mathematics. It is a good source for students to learn problem-solving skills and for educators to find problems for homework assignments and tests. The 2nd edition, with at least 100 more examples and five added subsections, has been restructured to flow more pedagogically.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: First-Order Differential Equations (674 KB)

Figure: Structure of "Lectures, Problems and Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations"

  • Preface
  • First-Order Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Models
  • Linear DEs of Higher Order
  • Systems of Linear DEs
  • Laplace Transforms
  • Appendices:
    • Solutions to Problems
    • Laplace Transforms
    • Basic Formulas
    • Abbreviations
  • References
  • Index

Readership: Undergraduate students and entry level graduate students in science and engineering who need to solve and compose ordinary differential equations.


ISBN: 9789813226128 (Hardcover), 9789813226135 (Softcover)
Cover Type: Hardcover, Softcover
Page Count: 572
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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