Harmonic Analysis and Fractal Analysis Over Local Fields and Applications

By: Su Weiyi

This book is a monograph on harmonic analysis and fractal analysis over local fields. It can also be used as lecture notes/textbook or as recommended reading for courses on modern harmonic and fractal analysis. It is as reliable as Fourier Analysis on Local Fields published in 1975 which is regarded as the first monograph in this research field.

The book is self-contained, with wide scope and deep knowledge, taking modern mathematics (such as modern algebra, point set topology, functional analysis, distribution theory, and so on) as bases. Specially, fractal analysis is studied in the viewpoint of local fields, and fractal calculus is established by pseudo-differential operators over local fields. A frame of fractal PDE is constructed based on fractal calculus instead of classical calculus. On the other hand, the author does his best to make those difficult concepts accessible to readers, illustrate clear comparison between harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces and that on local fields, and at the same time provide motivations underlying the new concepts and techniques. Overall, it is a high quality, up to date and valuable book for interested readers.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: Preliminary (621 KB)


  • Preliminary
  • Character Group Γp of Local Field Kp
  • Harmonic Analysis on Local Fields
  • Function Spaces on Local Fields
  • Fractal Analysis on Local Fields
  • Fractal PDE on Local Fields
  • Applications to Medicine Science\

Readership: Undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers.

ISBN: 9789813200494
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 332
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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